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Shared  Workspace

  • 15px 

Offering you two types of desks; Hot Desks and Dedicated Desks at the Shared workspace

  • 9900 / month

  • 3 months lock-in

Hot Desks

For freelancers, entrepreneurs and all those fed-up with office jobs, Seeking a work space that propels productivity and explodes your creativity, Our desk is eagerly awaiting  you!  


Dedicated Desks

Looking for a more personal space…you’re own wee office? our Dedicated Desk gives  you just that. A nook that gives you a feel of privacy, with the possibility of having your own set-up.


Desk space at Hour Space, Colaba
Wifi provided at Hour Space, coworking
Beverages with desk space at Hour Space, coworking at Colaba
Front desk for your assistance
Outdoor space to take a break whilst working
Get a mailing address with our Virtual Office
*+18%GST applicable
Work spaces offered at Hour Space, a coworking space in Colaba - Mumbai.

Personal Cabin

  • 1px + 1visitor

  • 20500 / month

  • 3 months lock-in

 An elegant one seater cabin with a visitor chair that’s designed to make a statement; this  space is for the maverick. Giving you a sense of ownership, this cabin is ideal for professionals looking for a  workspace that provides an enhanced sense of privacy and comfort. The Personal Cabin comes with large  desks enough to accommodate your full office set-up, a director’s chair and visitor’s chair as well as  different kinds of storage designed to store your laptop, files and other belongings. 

Storage space provided with Cabins
Lockable private space within a shared space
Front Desk assistance
An outdoor space to take break and relax
Wifi provided alongwith your cabin space
Beverages offered
*+18%GST applicable

Private Cabin

  • 2px + 2*

  • 28500 / month

  • 3 months lock-in

 Available as a spacious 2 seater to a comfortable 4 seater. With beautiful interiors and large  space equipped with all office essentials, this cabin is perfect for those looking for their own private office. An  enclosed space that gives you a distraction free environment for discussions and collaborative working. The  Private Cabin comes with two large desks, TV screen to plug your laptop and display presentations, ample  storage and much more. 


Private lockable space available for rent
Ample storage with Private Cabin at Hour Space, Colaba
Display screen inside the cabin
Access to outdoor terrace to unwind
wifi provided
beverages provided with space
*+18%GST applicable

Team Room A

  • 6px 

  • 55000 / month

  • 3 months lock-in

 Designed for small companies or start-ups our spacious 6 seater Team Room is comes  with everything required for productive working. With natural light and aesthetically designed room, the  space provides a conducive environment that fosters efficiency and collective working. The Team Room A  comes with six large desks, TV screen to plug your laptop and display presentations, large cabinet storage  and much more.  

Private lockable space available for rent
Storage within the cabin space
display screen inside the cabin space
Outdoor space
*+18%GST applicable

Team Room B

  • 8px 

  • 65000 / month

  • 3 months lock-in

 A large space accommodating 8 persons alongwith an attached private washroom, your  office is here! This spaciously designed cabin allows team members to have discussions, brainstorm ideas  and carry out collaborative work. The Team Room A comes with eight large desks, TV screen to plug your  laptop and display presentations, pedestal storage and much more. 

Private lockable space available for rent
storage space provided within the cabin
Display screen for team discussions inside the cabin
Outdoor space to relax and unwind
High speed wifi provided
*+18%GST applicable

Meeting Room

  • 6px + 2

  • 600 / hr

  • 1 hr min. booking

Accommodating up to 8 persons at a time, our corporate style Meeting Room is equipped with everything you need to ace that presentation. The Meeting Room comes with a
large desk, a smart tv with HDMI connector, a white board and a high speed internet. That’s not all, we also provide one round of beverages, access to outdoor terrace and front desk service, all inclusive.  

High speed wifi
one round of beverages offered
Outdoor space for your guests
Front Desk assistance
private and lockable space
display screen to attach your laptops
*+18%GST applicable
meeting room
Meeting Room2.jpeg

Event Space

  • 15px

  • 1500 / hr

  • 3 hr min. booking

Events such as small gatherings, meet-ups, photoshoot and so on can be hosted at the open outdoor terrace space. This space is large enough to accommodate 15 people at a
time with a pantry to serve food and beverages. Bookings for an event can be made on hourly basis with amenities provided such as wifi, one round of beverages, access to restrooms, use of pantry area and event signage at the entrance. For more details please contact us or fill out our enquiry form.

*+18%GST applicable
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